Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

Juli 21, 2017 469 views Backlinks -
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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

Google changed the search engine market in the '90s by evaluating a website's backlinks instead of just the content, like others did. Updates like Panda and Penguin show a shift in importance towards content. Will backlinks lose their importance?

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19 responses for Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

  1. Google Webmasters sagt:

    Here’s a new webmaster video about one of the most well-known ranking signals and some thoughts on what the future may bring us.

    Remember though: While links are used in ranking, using them to trick search engines into thinking that a site is relevant would violate our guidelines: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356.

  2. Robert Reifeiss sagt:

    This is great news for small businesses who have difficulty obtaining any relevant number of back links, but they have great content 

    • Yiannis Gedeon sagt:

       Please dont fall to that trick.. Bear in mind that google want to list popular web site sites on page one and not make your site or any SMB site popular. This is why he gives an authorship example of a popular person. If authorship plays a vital role on SEO (which is how I translated this video) again popular authors (from outlets like mashable, google, times etc) will outrank small businesses in the same sense web sites with million of backlinks out rank yours. You will always need some popularity for google to rank you. Wether is backlinks, authorship, tweets, or whatever they decide to use as a ranking factor in the future. 

  3. Todd Dean sagt:

    Danny! He mentioned your name! hah!

  4. Nikolay Nikolov sagt:

    First you say many, many years, but at the end you say few years. Kind of big difference.

  5. Andy Gradel sagt:

    The real question is, how will Google „know“ who a subject matter expert is? Hmm… at least back links are a known quantity.

  6. Patrick Coombe sagt:

    Backlinks are important not only in SEO but continue to be the navigational infrastructure of the web. Many users still rely (at least partially) on backlinks for navigation. I think with that in mind any ranking algorithm that did not take backlinks into consideration would not be a great move. Yandex (Russia’s big search engine) said they would be trying out a new algo that does not rely on backlinks but I don’t think we every got specifics on that one.

  7. Jason Darrell sagt:

    „…even if we don’t know who actually wrote something, Google is getting better and better [at] understanding actual language…“

    +Matt Cutts‘ quote seems obvious to the point of ambiguity. But do we understand its ramifications? I mean, *really?*

    What practises are you building into your #copywriting  that helps Google confirm its assumptions about your topic?

    Moreover, are you actually helping Google to understand your content with 100% confidence in order that it can apply what it learns and take it into Web 3.0 and beyond?

    It’s been said before, but well worth repeating: *Semantic Copywriting has put the Author back into Authority*.

    Okay, back-links still play a part in helping Google understand, thus rank, your content today. But there’ll come a day – as Matt says right here – when they don’t.

    Taking a cue from Steve Marriott way back in ’66, *Watcha Gonna Do About It (Right Now)?*

    h/t +John Britsios file: #SemanticCopywriting  

  8. Hermawan firdiansyah sagt:

    Permit to download this video matt

  9. Emmanuel Vargas Guajardo sagt:

    there’s people buying links and google doesn’t penalize them. like http:// perugobierno.gob. pe/ which is a fake peru govt. website redirecting to a mexican water treatment site. He gets a lot of benefits and shows in 1st place in lots of keywords. while others try to be legal, clean and follow google guidelines. Seems like google sometimes turns a blind eye on some sites.

  10. Mpaka sagt:

    What about non US language websites ?

  11. Krinal Mehta sagt:

    That reference to Danny and Vanessa means that for the most part, Author Rank will continue to play a vital role in rankings.

  12. Ayebale John sagt:

    So you mean google authorship will be getting more reliable than now?

  13. Andrew Rulnick sagt:

    I totally agree that SEO is all about natural language, online conversation in or about a business profile online and it’s overall involvement in the dialogue that’s happening online!  It could be even better if #SEO  is organized by hashtags and human identifying attributes in my opinion.  +Google Webmasters  +Matt Cutts  yes, yes and yes!

  14. My Internet Quest sagt:

    Great insight! I was just wondering on whether backlinks are still useful or not 

  15. Zaid Niazi sagt:

    y u chosed justin bieber as an example ? 😛

  16. Frank Gainsford sagt:

    +Matt Cutts  discusses issues around back links and content value in today’s terms.

    This is very important from a #FUFISM based marketing perspective, as every social media post that refers to your web site is in effect a back-link to your site. Remeber that when you refer to a page in your site the back link goes deep into your site, as it refers to a specific page, and not the domains home page. 

    Back links to your site that refer to deeper pages in your site, or specific pages in y our blog, carry more SEOVI (Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators) than those that point to the naked domain, so do not be afraid to link to your pages from within your social media posts.

  17. clarence coggins sagt:

    Thank you for your to the point look at backlinks. I’m glad to hear that they will still play a role at least for a few year more.

  18. Rohit Wadhwa sagt:

    Thank you so much Matt Cutt for giving us this useful information!

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