VANDENBERG – Burning Heart (live Texel 1984)

VANDENBERG – Burning Heart (live Texel 1984)

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Live performance Texel beach Netherlands 1984

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21 responses for VANDENBERG – Burning Heart (live Texel 1984)

  1. moresnare sagt:

    Awesome. Love it when a person can sing live and sound just as good as they do on the album… Dude has a helluva voice…

  2. diabel1969 sagt:

    While I’d heard this song in the early 80’s, and liked it, it wasn’t until it held true to life meaning to me in the later 80’s, into the 90’s when I really fell in love with it. The lyrics are so compelling, and simple, with such a deep meaning.. Thoughts of that girl will haunt me until the day I die, and this song has always helped me digest some of that just by feeling that somebody else has walked the same path as I…….

  3. Vernon Robinson sagt:

    perfect song from a perfect band

  4. Jim Daniel sagt:

    Best power ballad ever written…

  5. rockrabbitt sagt:

    The fact that they could cross the ocean in that time and played live in one of centres of Hard Rock in the states,Texas,is still very important and great.The years,in mid 80’s,was definitely very open and kind to music like they did.

  6. Michiel de Boer sagt:

    This song is a f…. Amazing dutch rock classic

  7. DizzleHell sagt:

    this song is amazing.

  8. Dr. Darren Martin PhD sagt:


  9. Jani Virtanen sagt:

    so far best year of my life ! „84 omg how i miss those days ,and it makes more stronger when you hear this kind of song ! amazing

  10. Peter Boesten sagt:

    de beste band ooit van nederlanse bodem

  11. Madmax13911 sagt:

    What semi-acoustic guitar is Adrian using?

  12. Jani Virtanen sagt:

    this blow my mind!!! hard to find better song over this !!!!

  13. Joe Joe sagt:

    Vandenberg opened for Ozzy on their 1st world tour in ’82/83, around the time of Rhoads‘ death/ Torme, Gillis, guitar slot jugglings…& was immediately asked to join Ozzy’s band. This was right before Jake joined & Ozzy & him did ‚Bark AT The Moon.‘

  14. Gerrit Jan van Pelt sagt:

    I was there 🙂

  15. choco black sagt:


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