Texel Sheep

Texel Sheep

Juli 25, 2017 932 views Urlaub -
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I was out walking when I saw this incredible looking sheep. After doing a bit of research I think it is either a Texel or a Beltex Sheep.

Filmed on 15th September 2015

Video Produced by Paul Dinning - Wildlife in Cornwall


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17 responses for Texel Sheep

  1. Margaret sagt:

    Ha ha! Good heads of animals.
    I wish you a nice evening with Paul.

  2. netwitch56 sagt:

    The weird head looks like a mixture of pig and dog…

  3. netwitch56 sagt:

    LOL – the next recommended video is about knitting ‚woolly hugs‘ :-)))

  4. Lexi Gold sagt:

    It looks like a cross between a bull and a sheep!

  5. Annemieke van Leeuwen sagt:

    He is wearing a beautiful coat. Very interesting.


    What a rare capture. Looks to be the dominant one. Looks like a cross between a dog and a sheep with a bit of pig thrown in. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sifoutv Pottery sagt:

    Excellent video my friend.Thumbs up 🙂 Sifoutv Pottery

  8. ButterflySpirit sagt:

    Great sighting , I’ve never seen one before!

  9. WildBlessings2 sagt:

    The Rottweiler of sheep. Never seen anything like this before. Thanks for the introduction Paul.

  10. sheep332 sagt:

    Nice tup you have .🐑

  11. Thameshwar mangra sagt:

    That Sheep got balls….

  12. Даулет Кз sagt:

    не баран а пидбуль какой-то

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