Should You Create Backlinks To Your YouTube Videos? #AskMichael 5

Should You Create Backlinks To Your YouTube Videos? #AskMichael 5

Juli 23, 2017 252 views Backlinks -
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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

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in this Episode of AskMichael I am answering the question if you should use backlinks for youtube videos just as you do it for your websites on google.


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29 responses for Should You Create Backlinks To Your YouTube Videos? #AskMichael 5

  1. Amiel and Meggy sagt:

    ur videos r really helping our youtube channel grow. thank u 🙂

  2. Dr. Shah sagt:

    Google actually has 30x more traffic than youtube based on 3rd quarter statistics. I did a small dry run. It works amazingly well and traffic increases a ton.

  3. KoolaShaka sagt:

    you are my favorite internet marketer on here!

  4. Weltempfänger sagt:

    i subscribed to you!

  5. LonelyWolf sagt:

    more like these please!

  6. Man-Drill sagt:

    great! I have a video request: could you make a video about your story? like how you got started and stuff? I think this could inspire a lot of people!

  7. AltF4Reboot sagt:

    thanks for the info michael

  8. BrrrundleFly sagt:

    where is the list?

  9. noAimbotsPlease sagt:

    okay cool will check that out

  10. Fetzio Auditore sagt:

    wow nice video Michael!

  11. Smart Tech sagt:

    i was thinking of buying the followliker bot for instagram,twitter,tumblr,pinterest and automating my social profiles and buying longtail pro for KR and creating some sites! can you tell how is this plan? and should i focus on niche sites or micro-niche sites? and what kind of sites should i go for.. review or the online amazon store ones? please i need your help! thanks a lot

  12. GatherSuccess sagt:

    so you still did not really answer the question.. did it do more harm than good? so is it good or bad to do it?

  13. Smart Tech sagt:

    Hey i want to create a „HEALTH BLOG“ can you please suggest me some good free theme on wordpress? i wanna ad affiliate links and adsense for monetization! please reply! Thanks 😀

  14. Nandini Karmakar sagt:

    contents are really good (Y)

  15. SemiHigh Production sagt:

    hi, #Michael Kohler,
    is it secure way … if i promote my video with Backlinks. ?

  16. Online Video Professional sagt:

    Hi Michael, which service for ‚white hat links“ do you prefer to use or do you use yourself?! Thnx. in advange Gijs

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