Scraping Competitor Backlinks with Scrapebox – The Advanced Guide

Scraping Competitor Backlinks with Scrapebox – The Advanced Guide

Juli 22, 2017 525 views Backlinks -
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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

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Scraping Backlinks of a competitor or of your own sites can be very useful. Whether your trying to steal all your competitors backlinks or simply build more links to your own backlinks, this guide will help you find those links.

There is the obvious method of getting links using the backlink checker addon in scrapebox. However the more lucrative method is to coerce the backlinks from google its self.

Then you can follow it up with the link checker or the page scanner addon to qualify if links are still valid and live. Also I made available a free merge file that I created just for this process.

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17 responses for Scraping Competitor Backlinks with Scrapebox – The Advanced Guide

  1. juan altredo sagt:

    many thanks, great video

  2. Takis XtX sagt:

    Competitor Backlinks it is FREE addon ???, To use it you must buy Mozscape API…. witch is not free at all. (just tested with ScraoeBox 2.0.61)…….

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      +Takis XtX The Scrapebox backlink checker addon is free for anyone that owns a copy of Scrapebox. Addons are free for scrapebox owners, premium plugins have a small cost.

      As for the moz API you can register for free api access, its just throttled. The link is right in Scrapebox in the account setup section, just click the link and it will take you to the moz page, or you can just google for it, but you can regsiter an account for free.

  3. Dennis Francis sagt:

    You are awesome as always. Thanks.

  4. Easy Blogging With Jordan sagt:

    so you can’t get the backlinks of individual blog post? also can you give me your txt footprints please would help lots thanks 🙂

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      I don’t understand. You can get the backlinks of an individual page using the google method, but I believe moz gives you the backlinks of the domain.

      Txt footprints for what? I just make up footprints as I need them. I have a couple videos on that, or you can google and check on forums for massive footprints lists.

  5. Tactical Intern sagt:

    Can you scrape a website for a product link? For instance the page has been built and there is a link but the page isn’t active yet? Guess that would be considered an early link for us noobs. Thanks.

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      presumeably your talking about for shoes etc.. Ive had a dozen people ask me thus, but no one can provide me an example and since Im not in that market niche I don’t know how it works.

      You can scrape anything that is in the content of the site. So if there is actually a link to the non active page, then yes, it can be scraped. But can you give me a url that has a link to a non active page? If so then if its possible I can tell you how. If not then I Can’t really help you because Im shooting blind as it were.

    • Tactical Intern sagt:

      Yes for shoes. I’ve purchased your scrapebox because I’m not good with Python Scrapy. For instance the website: has an upcoming release in two weeks. Sometimes they create the product page but dont activate it until the day of. Is it possible to scrape the site for that inactive link?

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      sure, I don’t create scrapebox, but Im happy to help. So on that page, in the html I found 14 links. But they are all live already. So can you see, in the html, a link to the page that you want? I mean if you can point me to the html code of the page that links to the non existent page then I can help.

      But if they have not yet included a link to the page in the html then there is nothing to scrape.

      So can you give me a direct link to a page that you want, that isn’t live yet, but that will be live?

  6. Todd Langdon sagt:

    This is a golden nugget! Thanks a bunch Loopline

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