Scrapebox Backlink Checker 2 – Mozscape powered for better backlinks

Scrapebox Backlink Checker 2 – Mozscape powered for better backlinks

Juli 24, 2017 895 views Backlinks -
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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

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The Scrapebox backlink checker has gotten an overhaul. The old backlink checker that started with Yahoo way back, then transitioned to Alexa, now uses SEO MOZ mozscape data.

Alexa stopped offering their service and now you have to pay for it, or else you only get 5 backlinks, which is pointless. So scrapebox setup the backlink checker to use MOZ API.

In the video I cover how to setup the accounts, how to register an API with MOZ and how to use the backlink checker. If your backlink checker does not look like this, make sure you have updated to the latest version.

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23 responses for Scrapebox Backlink Checker 2 – Mozscape powered for better backlinks

  1. Rob Miller sagt:

    I think we all get 401s now

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      Thats the weird thing.  Im on my laptop and it works fine, windows 8.1.  Just tried it on a server with windows 2008, works fine.  I can’t get it to give me a 401 error. 

      Anyway though, Ive collected info from you guys and I actually helped some people on forums with it and Im talking with scrapebox support.  They always get back within 24 hours so Ill let you know what I know when I know something.  Thanks for all your info.

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      Make sure you are using the latest version.  401 from moz could mean your ip is blocked, but they also return that when your system time is out of sync.  The auth that is set is set with an expiration and if your system time is not updated with the rest of the world then it will set the expiration of the auth wrong and then when moz gets it it could well already be expired. 

      So just make sure you sync your system time with one of the time servers included with windows, it will sync to whatever timezone you have set and you will probably be all good.

  2. Peter Melton sagt:

    Hello Loopline,

    Getting 401 errors also. I re-sync system time in windows. I am using over 728 google tested proxies. Thanks for any help.

  3. Jennifer W sagt:

    am also getting 401 error.  I don’t understand why you have 2 lines in your account setup – seems like you have 2 different accounts.  also don’t understand access id – mine says mozscape-e not „member-„.  also don’t understand why there are 2 different „Secret Key“s.  so confused.  Anyone???

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      +Jennifer W You can add an unlimited number of accounts. Each account is limited in how fast it can go so the more accounts you add the faster you can go. Each account will have its own id and secret key. Its been a while since I made a moz account, they may have changed from memberid to mozscape-e, but its the same thing. You would use that and the secret key. You could put 20 different moz accounts in there if you wanted.

    • Jennifer W sagt:

      Thank you so much for your answer. It still doesn’t work I can’t figure out why. I am just a beginner I clearly do not know all the parameters that I need to be in place it’s not as easy as it looks!

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      +Jennifer W If you can mail support a screenshot of your setup and the error Im sure they can help you. scrapeboxhelp (at] gmail (dot} com

    • Jennifer W sagt:

      Thank you for the suggestion!

  4. topdollarclassifieds Free classifieds sagt:

    ya the api for this doesn’t work with the program i’ve tried a dozen times now

  5. Daniel O'Callahan sagt:

    Thanks for the video,
    Is there a reason why i keep returning 0 results? I can’t seem to figure it out anywhere.

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      Does it say 0 completed? If so that means that the moz incapsula firewall is blocking you. So you either need to try a private proxy or a new api. Or put a private proxy in your browser, then create a new api and then use that api with that private proxy.

  6. Learn Digital Marketing sagt:

    Thanks for these videos. They’re very helpful. Can you recommend a good place to buy a private proxy to use with this? (and while I’m making requests, can you make a playlist from your current videos for people just starting off with scrapebox? The current „getting started“ playlist only has 2 videos )

  7. Upside Music sagt:

    Quick question: I have the latest scrapebox update and I’m using Backlink Checker v2.0.0.7. When I scrape a competitor’s backlinks I can only see the number of backlinks and there so no ’save all backlinks‘ button. Did they take that out in the latest update? Really enjoy your videos btw!

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