Mopeds caught by POLICE! – Dutch Motos meeting Texel

Mopeds caught by POLICE! – Dutch Motos meeting Texel

Juli 24, 2017 673 views Urlaub -
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Well...thats all for now :p Ask away if you have questions!
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26 responses for Mopeds caught by POLICE! – Dutch Motos meeting Texel

  1. äm bee koo sagt:

    why didnt any of you have had those rpm restriction thingies (dont know the correct word) that you just click the button and it starts to restrict your moped.

  2. Farm Hydrophonics sagt:

    Brilliant Video. Police are Human also you just met a bad human. Unfortunately when you need the Police they don’t always supply a Nice Human.

  3. päräm sagt:

    im so lucky that my Derbi’s top speed is like 60. Here in Finland if moped goes over 65km/h then police will take your register:/ But good video! Keep it up!👊👍🔥

  4. Eetu Kiiski sagt:

    That is a problem every where in Europe. from Finland

  5. Nicky Otto sagt:

    Bij mij op de rollerbank hadde ze redelijk geschakeld, moet ookwel met 14/52 vertanding en begrenzer aan maakt bijna geen toeren haha

  6. Aiden Baguley sagt:

    Is the song edub? now im sad

  7. René de Haas sagt:

    Good job of the Police to get the fucking crazy moped drivers of the road

  8. Scotty Bhoy sagt:

    don’t ride like dicks yah wont be treated as dicks lol.

  9. Kristers Kucans sagt:

    RIP e-dubble

  10. TrelithHD sagt:

    why didn’t you just run away?

  11. Kevin makes sagt:

    Welk nummer speelt op achter grond ??

  12. Enej cefa sagt:

    what is title of the first song

  13. päräm sagt:

    What did we learn about this video? Dont ever tune your moped:)

  14. XkardZ Mainreason sagt:

    Jammer dat dit moest gebeuren

  15. Nicky Otto sagt:

    Wel lekker ge wokt ofniet? xD

  16. NerkMineRaiste sagt:

    moeilijk he niet zo kanker dom zijn en gewoon motor uitzetten je wist dat daar politie zou staan

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