How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks

How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks

Juli 22, 2017 672 views Backlinks -
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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks

How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High Page Rank Backlinks

This video is aimed at the beginning Scrapebox user who wants to build high page rank backlinks to their blogs quickly and effectively. Scrapebox has plenty of options and is loaded with all kinds of really cool features for not only harvesting and testing proxies, but also for checking the page rank of the URL and the root domain name of the sites you harvest through the keyword search option. Check out this awesome new Scrapebox video tutorial to learn everything that Scrapebox has to offer right out of the box.

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17 responses for How to Use Scrapebox to Get High Quality High PR Backlinks

  1. Lindsey Fanders sagt:

    Spam commenting is alive and well post penguin.

  2. Lindsey Fanders sagt:

    Never use any anchor text keywords for your name, that is a huge no no.

  3. Rockandscroll sagt:

    Interesting perspective on SEO.. you know your stuff ^^ .. thanks for sharing !

  4. omar khalid sagt:

    i cant find the words to thank you

  5. zelda zuk sagt:

    I really like  this video as well as I love your little bird making a sweet noise in the background of your  video.


    thk u great video…

  7. Sue Graumann sagt:

    Thanks for the training I bought the scrapebox in December, used awhile, just got back into it yes its amazing what can do I believe this video will help me figure this all out…..

  8. dionisis karampinis sagt:

    well, what happened with your client then? did you manage the PR4-5 promise?

  9. King Amari sagt:

    Thanks for the video, but using keywords as your names isn’t that great.

    • inforockstar sagt:

      Things have definitely changed a lot within google since this video went up. I need to make a new video that will help people be more compliant with google when using scrapebox to create quality backlinks.

  10. Danny Sattar sagt:

    you guys are all missing the point of this video. He’s not shooting out massive spammy links. The blog comments are highly relevant and posted onto high pr niche relevant sites. Scrapebox speeds up the link building process. Its a great tool for those who know how to use it.

  11. Cristian Pantu sagt:

    good tut, thanks

  12. Matthew sagt:

    Where I can download it?

  13. Ron Pascal sagt:

    Very simple video on how to handle Scrapebox. Helped me tons. Especially with testing proxies ! 

    -Ron 🙂

    • Jon Sanchez sagt:

      +Ron Pascal Hi Ron, new to the game of online marketing. Quick question, so he added all those proxies (ip addresses manually) into Scrapebox. I guess he paid for these private proxies in order to do this. I just wanted to confirm since Im going to purchase this software so I’m assuming I’ll get some proxies as well? Thanks!

  14. Elbert Dugdale sagt:

    He he he.Push button stuff.

  15. Jon Sanchez sagt:

    I appreciate the info and just new to online marketing. Im going to purchase this software. Im assuming I’ll have to purchase like 50 proxies to start as a good number. So, in the beginning of the vid I’ll have to manually input my proxies (ip address) in there or I misunderstood the beginning using the proxies? Thanks for the clarification and assistance!

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