How to increase backlinks | Blog commenting in seo | SEO – Part 22

How to increase backlinks | Blog commenting in seo | SEO – Part 22

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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

A Blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web. You can share your ideas, thoughts and experience here in the form of text, images or videos.

What is blog commenting:

Blog commenting is the opinion on a specific post from a user’s side. Many services allow user to log in with their social accounts like Facebook, google, yahoo and comment on a post they like. Comment can be a cross- question, extra information or an acknowledgement.

Blog commenting is one of the way to create quality backlinks to your website. A good no. of quality backlinks can help to increase the page rank. When commenting, remember to choose a website with high page rank than ours and its content must also be relevant to our website.

In this blog commenting tutorial, you will learn how to create backlinks on targeted keywords on different blogs.

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30 responses for How to increase backlinks | Blog commenting in seo | SEO – Part 22

  1. Pocolo Solo sagt:

    Great guide! Thank you!
    In case the blog does not provide URL field, just have Name field and Email field.
    How can we create a clickable Name?
    Please see this link to see there are 02 comments which have a clickable Name, meanwhile that website does not support URL field! It is strange. Do you know this way of blog commenting? Thank you and have a good day! 🙂

  2. neeraj gupta sagt:

    apke pass high pr backlink ka koie list hai kya…?

    agar hai to mujhe bta do….?

    yeah phir competitor ki site ka backlink use kar skte hai apni site ke liye

    agar kar skte hai to kaise kare..?

    Ek video bana kar bata do jaldi se jaldi please

  3. Mir Mamun sagt:

    nice n important tutorial.Vai blog commenting kya haar blog main ek e keywords se karu?

  4. Chandan Jha sagt:

    Thanks for sharing .

  5. shehnaz shaikh sagt:

    sir plz make short video on how to do seo of website step by step….exaplain cycle

  6. Sachin Agarwal sagt:

    aap yeh batao ki apni website ki backlink banate time ek website ko ek bar hi use kar sakte hai ya ek website ya ek hi same jagah se kayi backlink bana sakte hai?

    • WsCube Tech sagt:

      You can use the same social bookmarking websites to create backlinks for your website. Other websites( like directory submission sites) don’t allow to submit more than 1 URL (unless you go for paid submission).

  7. Shivkumar Konnuri sagt:

    Thank you bhai for sharing this it was really helpful for me

  8. rakesh tanwar sagt:

    good keep it up

  9. What's Trending Today sagt:

    kuch smajh ni aya… voice itni low h na

  10. TheAmity1234 sagt:

    How did you create backlink on the name of the comment area on website- without using anchor tag there.
    Please reply

  11. Rahul Tandale sagt:

    Thank you sir … You are excellent ..please share us more and more videos ..👍🏻🙏🏻💐

  12. Amarbir Singh sagt:

    your article is good but your voice is very low…please increase volume

  13. Digital Marketer Aman sagt:

    Thanks for this video but volume is too low..

  14. seller shoppre sagt:

    sir , what is the process of white hat seo?
    I know that is very slow process, but how we will do?If any vedio regarding that , pls send me the link. I have searched, but didnot get

  15. Arup Kumar sagt:

    Excellent speaker

  16. Farhaan Raza khan sagt:

    thanks for sharing with us keep posting and please do post on seo services for local business also

  17. nirupama paul sagt:

    can you please tell me how I can find high PR relevant blogs in which I can do blog commenting?suppose my website is like for searching jobs.please help

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