How To Get A Backlink From A Website [OSEO-10]

How To Get A Backlink From A Website [OSEO-10]

Juli 21, 2017 269 views Backlinks -
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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

You already know how to find sites that help your competitors to rank well. Now that you know these sites, how can you make them to link to you? Today you will learn a highly efficient way to get a backlink from a site that SEOs call “broken linkbuilding” –

If you had to get a backlink from some website, the first thing you would do is check if this site is linking to any resources that no longer exist.

This can be done using Ahrefs’ Site Explorer ( ) – Broken Links report.

Use it to search for any “dead” pieces of content that you might consider reproducing on your own site.

And then you can reach out to the guy with a broken link, let him know that he is linking to something that no longer exists and offer him to link to your fresh piece of content instead.

This tactic is known as “broken linkbuilding” and it's pretty popular among SEOs. Why? First off, it allows you to keep your piece of content to yourself, while getting a backlink from a powerful website.

What's more to like about “broken linkbuilding”, you can check for other sites that might link to the "dead" page. All you need to do is to submit it for analysis in Site Explorer and check Referring Domains report.

So once you re-create on your blog, you can reach out to those other sites and let them know they have a broken link that can be updated with a link to a similar resource on your own site.

Hope, you enjoyed this little "broken linkbuilding" trick! Now, what are you waiting for? Go and try it on your own site right now!


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27 responses for How To Get A Backlink From A Website [OSEO-10]

  1. Kate Le Roux sagt:

    How did you get that wallpaper with the clock that says „Good Morning,Tim“? Is that a program?

  2. Neil Mutia sagt:

    So do you just copy the article and write it on your own blog?

  3. philip rogers sagt:

    Hi, this may be a dumb question but doesn’t the level of traffic to a site, influence its page ranking? For example if a site gets loads of traffic through Adwords – won’t this help it’s organic Google page rank?

  4. Patrick Artounian sagt:

    Could you write up something or make a video on the preferred method of telling the guys with broken links about your link?

  5. Demetrius Palacios sagt:

    Thanks for sharing this video, my site ( I won’t spam you with a sleazy link ) needs some link juice. I will try this tip. Hopefully it works.

  6. RhonzNET sagt:

    Thanks for this very useful information, Do check my Blog for Tech news and Blogging tips

  7. chandan nasta sagt:

    Y dont u provide your services in

  8. Fahad Ahmad sagt:

    Can you suggest more sites like copyblogger to look for broken links.

  9. Anas Ahmed sagt:

    How to find those blogs to comments?? Best ways ??

  10. Musab Kara sagt:

    I knew the broken link tactic but with a tool like ahrefs I realise it can be very easy to build backlinks to my website. I will also look to other videos. and I like to buy the tool but I hope it is cheap so I can afford it.

  11. Tubeman777 sagt:

    Very good video thankyou. Subbed and thumbed up
    How about a backlink ? 😉

  12. Indian MOM In Australia sagt:

    Very good video thankyou

  13. Guneet Singh sagt:

    When ever you say Tim Soulo i laugh and thought i might have heard Tim Schomer

  14. Harsh Tiwari sagt:


  15. Vitaliy Kolos sagt:

    Do you guys have a tool at that allows you to keep track of the links you built. Say, I got a link from a site and I want to be automatically notified once the link is gone (removed from the site) or changed in any other way (different anchor text or destination URL).

  16. Drussee eComm sagt:

    Nice info from this video. I just want to lay more emphasis on this. The best way of creating backlinks is to create backlinks in sites that have very high page rank. For instance, only 2 dofollow backlinks from 2 different sites with a page rank of 9 are better than 2000 backlinks from ordinary sites with no page rank. The higher the page rank of the site you are getting backlinks from, the better the chances of your site being able to climb to the first or second page of Google easily.
    Page rank can go from 0 to 10. Newly created sites have no PageRank. Page rank 0 means your site is not even listed. Below is a list of the various PageRank and what they mean, starting from zero 0.
    0] You’re not even listed on Google PageRank list.
    1] Very poor, but hey – at least you are listed.
    2] Poor, but you have potential to move up and it can be done.
    3] Average. You have good information and most websites fall in this ballpark.
    4] Above average. You’re sprinting away from the majority.
    5] Good. Page Rank 5 will usually pop up on the first page of some searches.
    6] Great. You’ve worked hard and have great information.
    7] You’re hot and you’re one of the top sites. Your peer is Zillow.
    8] You’re super hot, and your peers are CNBC, eBay, Bing, American Idol.
    9] Everyone wants you, you are like: Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Amazon.
    10] Finally, I don’t really know any website that has page rank 10. Maybe 10 means a perfect site. And I guess no site is perfect. Even Google has a page rank of 9.
    If you just created your site, and you want your site to be on the first page of Google for some certain keywords, you have to acquire backlinks from sites with high PageRank. The higher the PageRank of the sites you acquire your backlinks from, the easier it will be for your site to rank in Google. Because when you get a backlink from a site with a very high PageRank. It shows the search engines that your site is important, that is why the site with the higher PageRank is linking back to you. Because of that, your site with be more likely to soar to the first page of Google.
    So in order to rank, it’s not actually the quantity of link that you possess, but rather the quality of your backlinks. I have a resource that I am currently using to rank my sites. I acquire my backlinks from websites that have PageRank of 9. Which is very good. If you need backlinks from websites with PageRank 9, you can click on this link to get your backlinks on those sites.
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