How To Find Broken Links And Broken Backlinks That Hurt Your SEO [OSEO-08]

How To Find Broken Links And Broken Backlinks That Hurt Your SEO [OSEO-08]

Juli 21, 2017 510 views Backlinks -
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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

Broken links and broken backlinks hurt your website's performance in Google. First create bad user experience and make Google value your pages less, and second do not send you any link juice and don't help you rank better in Google. How do you find and fix both to improve things? As usual, Ahrefs tools will help! –

0:32 Let us start from a quick FAQ outlining what broken links and broken backlinks actually are and why they are bad for your site.

1:40 Need to check if you have any issues with broken links or broken backlinks? Submit your site for analysis to Ahrefs Site Explorer ( ).

2:10 Outgoing Links – Broken Links report will show you all pages of your site that have broken links.

4:30 Inbound Links – Broken Backlinks report will help you easily find all broken backlinks pointing to your site's pages.

Once you fix them all, your organic traffic from Google should visibly increase.

Good luck!


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15 responses for How To Find Broken Links And Broken Backlinks That Hurt Your SEO [OSEO-08]

  1. Michael Ellsworth sagt:

    Good stuff. However for broken backlinks I think there is a 3rd option besides 301 directing everything to home page or recreating old content. For broken backlinks I’m just doing a 301 to the nearest matching (or similar) page. For example /schedule-appointment/ is a 404 but I have many backlinks to it because in 2014 it was changed to simply /appointments/. So I 301 /schedule-appointment/ to /appointments/.

  2. Cristian Calin sagt:

    From my experience, almost every time you will find the same or any other relevant content on your website before redirecting to root domain.

    The first thing you should look is if the content still exist on the website with a different URL or maybe moved to another category/section.

    Starting with the example given by Tim Soulo, you could easily find the old content with a Google search by URL or by title. And it took me about 5 seconds to find the exact same content on this URL:

    If your page is permanently gone, or you don’t want it anymore on your website, you should find a related page to point your URL redirect, because as we know 301 redirects pass authority and link juice from the old pages.

  3. Current Affairs And General Knowledge sagt:

    this is really fantastic i loved it thanks for making this for u tim

  4. Kim Omdahl sagt:

    Is it possible to use Ahref to check for competitors broken backlinks in a larger scale ???? Like say ex. 200 domains (and all its inner pages) for broken links ??? Im looking for a software that can check for broken links, so I dont have to do this 1 at a time. Though I have to say, I like all your videos. Very helpful, and its nice learning about ahref and about SEO in general.

  5. Yasin * sagt:

    Adamın Türkçe ve Rusça arası bi aksanı var. 😀

  6. Helder Oliveira sagt:

    Hey Tim, after fixing those backlinks we should have an option to re-check all of our website because they took long time to disappear. That option should be added to Site Health section.

  7. Patrick Artounian sagt:

    Hey Tim, any suggestions for who to outsource work like this to?

  8. daniels hvac philadelphia llc. sagt:

    great job love your work

  9. moodner sagt:

    your english sucks 🙁

  10. Seddik Iguijji sagt:

    this option has been removed

  11. Webiens sagt:

    nice tutorial thanks for share with us

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