How To Build Backlinks That Get You Ranked In Google & Make You Money

How To Build Backlinks That Get You Ranked In Google & Make You Money

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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

I show you how to build backlinks to your niche website that get you ranked in Google.

This week tops questions was: How do I rank my niche websites on the 1st page of google with backlinks. In this video.

I show you how I get my niche sites to the front page of Google and make money with them. First, thing you need to do is buy some high PA Tumblr accounts, I've listed some links below. You also want to buy social shares to your money site, Social shares and signals are very powerful when link building. You will also need to stock up and a couple Weebly High PA Blogs. Now it's time to build those backlinks.

Now this is dead simple and very effective. With the Tumblr upload an image and some text then use anchor text to link back to your website. That's it, you have just created a highly powerful backlink to your website. It's also a good idea to link out to an authority site for extra link juice. If you want to make money online then spending some time on search engine optimization (SEO) is what you need to do.

Repeat this with more Tumblrs, about 3 a day. Do a minimum of 10 tumblers then use Instant Link Indexer to get them indexed. Once you have done this you should start to see some good rankings in Google, Maybe even the front page. This is where you can start making money online.

Next you want to add some more juice with a Weebly blog. I add 1 or 2 to the mix with 2 500 word articles and some pictures. There are extremely powerful backlinks. This is link building on steroids. Why do all the word from scratch when we don't have to right? Upload one article to the Weebly then wait for about 4 days. Upload the second one then drop the link to your niche or money site. BOOM you have an awesome linking structure that will rank you in the search engine and make you some nice cash.

Next we want to create a free Pinterest account. Follow people and they will follow you back. Then share images for repins. every repin is a new backlink to your website or blog. Even though these links are no follow they are still good links.

That's it, We have just built and created some super powerful backlinks that can help us get ranked on the first page. If you're looking to get more income and make money or rank those affiliate products like Clickbank then give this a go.

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If you wanted to know how to build backlinks and building backlinks this is how it's done

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  1. Franklin Hatchett sagt:

    If you are looking to buy backlinks like this I now have a service up!

  2. Oum Saokosal sagt:

    sound like you bought a lot of stuff to get it work. I thought your presentation was quite good.

  3. NAyAN Jain sagt:

    Is this method still alive ?

  4. Davell banks sagt:

    Thank you so much

  5. TETRA sagt:

    will google penalize for the tumblr or weebly accounts and are they niche related??, credit card company website

  6. Teddy Deleon sagt:

    You are amazing man I learned a lot from you.

  7. SuliiTV sagt:

    If you buy tumblrs can you use them to promote all of your sites, if you say had 10 affiliate sites could you use them same tumblrs to link to all of them?

  8. Zulkifl Agha sagt:

    get backlinks by doing guest blogging about your blog on

  9. Traci Anthony sagt:

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    (Just Google) *_Mike Make Money System_*

  10. Städfirma Falk sagt:

    Franklin does this also help ranking Swedish Website with keywords that have this scandinavian letters in them: ÅÄÖ

  11. Milan Goranovic sagt:

    Great Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you considered – Trentvorty Generate Links Theorem (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for boosting your website ranking with powerful backlinking minus the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy at very last got great success with it.

  12. Seo smurf sagt:

    Great video Franklin
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. SEO HERO sagt:

    we are always for companies that want to link back.

  14. Mangesh Bhagat sagt:

    Hey Franklin, Thanks for this video. I was trying your technique of using Do Follow backlinks using Tumblr, however, Tumblr these days doesn’t give do follow backlinks, neither from the article nor from source (it gives redirect link). Any idea how we can still get do follow links from expired Tumblr. Thanks

  15. Snoop Robb sagt:

    What’s the advantage to buying a Tumblr when you can just make one?

  16. Tanuj Kumar sagt:

    You look much smarter now Franklin 😛

  17. zdrumrguy sagt:

    Thanks for the video and insight.

  18. Robert Leger sagt:

    Does this work for 2017?

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