High Page Rank Backlinks – How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Authority

High Page Rank Backlinks – How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Authority

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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

High Page Rank Backlinks – How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Authority

In this video I show you how to increase your YouTube channel authority using a little unknown backlink. If you are using video marketing you your marketing strategy, this is a great way to get your YouTube channel set on a firm foundation.

This method can be completed using on 5 minutes of your time.

Why should you even attempt to increase your YouTube authority?

Here a few reasons:
– Builds your channel authority
– Makes ranking videos easier
– Great way to start building authority for new YouTube channels

******* Please DO NOT over use this method, which could raise red flags toward your YouTube channel. Only complete this task no more than 5 times per



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Marc Bell Shows How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Authority – Too Easy [ The 10 Wealth Group ]

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44 responses for High Page Rank Backlinks – How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Authority

  1. Marc Bell sagt:

    In this video I show and explain how you can increase your YouTube Channel Authority. Doing this 10 minutes a day overtime can help your channel gain a high PR and help your videos ranking higher & faster.

    Remember to Comment | Like | Subscribe

  2. GingerLola Doll Shows & Crafts sagt:

    So, I don’t have to leave the link in the comment, just leave a comment?

  3. GingerLola Doll Shows & Crafts sagt:

    Thanks for this video 🙂

  4. Ivan del Barco sagt:

    Thx for the info. and guess what im doing right now? 😉

  5. special offers sagt:

    great tuto thank you men

  6. Jordan Alexo sagt:

    Thanks for the video it was really useful.Basically, this means participating in Youtube comment section of each video, and discussion gives a backlink to my channel. I’ve noticed also in the comment section of each video, you receive a dofollow backlink.

    Therefore, leaving a comment in high PR videos might actually help one’s channel.

  7. Stewart Harding sagt:

    Nice. As a YouTube Partner this help is definitely invaluable. 🙂

  8. Just Mitchell sagt:

    Marc whats happenin man? Thank you so much for this info its truly a blessing! Would you happen to know why the seo tool you provided is showing a question mark in the page rank area? I cant see the page ranking of any video. Be cool & have a great night!

  9. get rid of cellulite forever sagt:

    man that was the first video that explained a little bit about actually getting youtube authority that you can implement.. Fantastic.. One question though?  you showed the way to place a link in your slide but never spoke on when or how to use it .. Do you use it or not? Thanks

  10. Reality Pranks sagt:

    very well said man !!!!, everyone has a skill … so true, so many people ignore that and chase someone else’s dream !!, then they are disappointed cause they fail. btw don,t forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

  11. Reality Pranks sagt:

    thanks for those extensions man… you’re awesome !! subscribed !

  12. DJ QB sagt:

    Nice, simple trick mate. 😀 I like it. 😀

  13. Beav3r sagt:

    Thanks man. Great help. Been a gaming channel for a while now with just 60 subs 🙁

  14. Tahjibul Haque sagt:

    very nice video ,this is very important video

  15. GoT n GoD sagt:

    it is very usefull video.. i am a beginner… and your video teach me a lot.. thanks..

  16. Mtg Records sagt:

    Thank you for your video!

  17. Rainbow Collection Mall sagt:

    I added long tail keyword for my video: how to look younger naturally and really appreciate your tips.

  18. Wonder Mother sagt:

    I had to check my fire alarms while watching this video chirp 🙂

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