D.O.T. Defender of Texel (RPG) – iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad – HD Gameplay Trailer

D.O.T. Defender of Texel (RPG) – iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad – HD Gameplay Trailer

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Product Description

D.O.T. Defender of Texel (RPG) by Mobage, Inc.

In a world of squares, somebody needs to think outside the box...

A high-fantasy adventure with a twist, "D.O.T." is set in Texel, an 8-bit universe in dire need of a champion. In this exciting new RPG from Mobage, the player is transported through a mobile game into a world that has no concept of death or war--and is being torn apart by sinister robotic invaders. Only your skills as a commander can save the three tribes of Texel, and open the portal back to your own reality.

★ Unique graphics that combine pixel and block art with dazzling effects
★ Characters that transform through fusion
★ Power-ups through character and gear customization
★ An epic story set in a distant universe!
★ New characters and areas, continuously added in always-free updates!

The defense of Texel begins now!

D.O.T. is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social game network.
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21 responses for D.O.T. Defender of Texel (RPG) – iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad – HD Gameplay Trailer

  1. Shayddar sagt:

    Use this Invite ID: 14q5 to help me. I only started the game

  2. CanPod sagt:

    Invite ID: 2QYW

    Чтобы ввести Invite ID и получить редкого бойца в D.O.T.:

    Нужно пройти миссию Sownfield, Mission 1,2 и 3, замочить первого босса – YL-1 Courser

    И в More > Invite ID ввести код 2QYW (за него вы получите хорошего бойца)

    + Докачивайтесь до 30 уровня и сможете обменивать бойцов в More > Trade

    How to enter a invite code:

    You must beat the first boss (YL-1 Courser) and on the Home screen, go to „Invite Friends“ (or Home>More>Invite ID) and enter 2QYW. We both get what is currently being rewarded.

  3. Chew Kia Hwee sagt:

    Use my invite id iWu3(w is capital letter) so both of us can get a rare fighter!By the way, u will always get a rare no matter which invite id u use.

  4. andre muleta sagt:

    Alwesome game, graphs like minecraft and extremely addictive, add my code FRZW and get 2+ rare creatures

  5. Jubach sagt:

    This game is extremely addictive. It’s like an 8-bit WoW for one finger.

  6. xETERNALFARTx sagt:

    If anyone wants a working inviteID in game, use HuUC to get a free rare!

  7. Joao Leite sagt:

    When you start to play the game,put my Invite ID: yuQ4 you get a rare FIGHTER! FOR FREE!!

  8. brad willy sagt:

    Hey all: add my ID (yWym) when you join, and friend me after so I can help you out (only if you are a serious player!). You also get a rare and some items for inputting the ID, but I could help a bit more for helping me out by adding me up

  9. Just to comment sagt:

    Use this invite id:aY1L

  10. EdudoubleBB sagt:

    Code : 4mFR just as written

  11. Konrad K sagt:

    My invite ID: vY8Z add it as you see it, you get a rare fighter!

  12. The PokesonicAJ sagt:

    How do you envolve them

  13. Krimzon Kira sagt:

    AAAHHHHHHHH *cough* NOSTALGIA *cough*

  14. Done with Humanity sagt:

    Can we please get this game back.. pretty please.

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