Creating „backlinks“ for your Youtube videos to increase SEO

Creating „backlinks“ for your Youtube videos to increase SEO

Juli 23, 2017 489 views Backlinks -
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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

This video is about helping you increase your Search Engine Optimisation by using "backlinks"
Here I use Social Monkey to set up backlinks for one of my previous videos
You can check Social Monkey from here:

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8 responses for Creating „backlinks“ for your Youtube videos to increase SEO

  1. Duncan Brown sagt:

    This video’s a bit old. But for those who happen to come across it; SocialMonkee is a great service to invest in. Especially for the price of a One time payment of $7. They also have a YouTube Viewer to boost your video Views (Which is 100% safe because it’s actual people that are viewing your videos).. But for the backlinks, it’s best to use them as Tier 2 backlinks. SocialMonkee actually explains that in the members area.. And for a Content Spinner, I personally use a free service that Assists you in spinning your content. So you have more control over your spun content. You can find that at ezarticlelink .com/articlespinner/free.php (Hopefully I spelled that right)

  2. Reen homestay sungai petani kedah sagt:


  3. Darrel Wilson sagt:

    Good stuff brother

  4. Nisha Soni sagt:

    Hi I have a question. I have a YouTube Channel in which I am uploading 10 videos daily. So if we count around 250 videos in a month. So If I do as you mentioned for ranking my ALL videos. Than should I have to worry for any penalties or something like that in future. The main thing is, it would be consider as spam or not….????

    • Gareth Kentish sagt:

      Good question and yes caution is needed.
      What is of course so important is delivering good content.
      Check out the other videos to determine how Youtube ranks videos.
      Slightly different to Google,

  5. Appala Swamy sagt:

    Now I cam build backlinksfor my videos. can you write how to get backlinks for site

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