Building The Internets Strongest Backlink Step By Step

Building The Internets Strongest Backlink Step By Step

Juli 21, 2017 277 views Backlinks -
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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

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29 responses for Building The Internets Strongest Backlink Step By Step

  1. Ramul sagt:

    Just set up my first pbn links today. I recently bought 3 deleted domains.. not expired.. deleted! meaning that the sites got de-indexed, and my first site I set up 2-3 months ago has not even reindexed yet. I’ve tried everything.. writing blog posts.. linking to wikipedia, setting up xml sitemap and video sitemaps. Even added the site to webmaster tools. nothing! the domain looked clean with natural links.. don’t know why.. maybe it doesn’t work if it had two owners before me? My other site got indexed within a day, and just added my first links. Excited to see if a link from a domain with authority is going to do anything good 🙂

    Can anyone give some tips how to reindex the first site?

    • Ciarán Sheil sagt:

      Look into domain scraping and search for high metrics domains.Then build out and rank domain along with social signals

    • Ramul sagt:

      +Ciarán Sheil that’s exactly what I did 🙂 I used Xenu to find domains linking out to domains that said no such host, then I check if the domain metrix are good and look at wayback machine and it all looked good in my eyes. It has 20/20 ratio in Majestic with more than 50 reffering domains and in Moz it got 24 in domain authority and 31 page authority.. I haven’t tried social signals yet.. only on my moneysite (that isn’t making any money) 😛

    • Free Inhabitant sagt:

      +Ramul You also have to check Google right away to make sure the site is still indexed. If you buy a deleted domain, then it is either a spam domain, or is so old it got deindexed. What do you expect? A domain with no website to stay indexed forever? I check the metrics MOZ and MAJ and then check to see if Google has it indexed. I then check the Wayback machine the last few months to see if it was used as a spam site. Then I look at back links to make sure they arent spam links. IF it passes all of that, I buy it, then pay a service to extract the former website and upload it, resurrecting the former site. Works great!

      After a month I go and check again, and every time it is still getting good Metrics, I figure its a winner.

  2. Carlos Ortiz sagt:

    i bought source hunter and trying to get my money back but all i am getting is ignored this bs you said full money back guarantee yet you can’t even reply

  3. Amplify ROI sagt:

    Becker always has the best headlines and Titles!

  4. Joshua Geary sagt:

    Avoiding PBNs. PBN rules change because Google is getting better at uncovering them. Glad they are working for you.

  5. Josh MacDonald sagt:

    It’s pronounced soft-ac-you-l-ous, not softelicious

  6. sinta alona sagt:

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  7. Musab Kara sagt:

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  8. Salwa Samra sagt:

    ~ I love your approach. I’m watching your video and thinking…“Oh, my goodness, thankfully, so thaaannnnkkkkkfffuuuulllllyyyyy! Someone with a sense of humour. Someone with a bit of pizzazz!“

    I watch many videos, part and parcel of doing research and being a writer, however, most of the time I want to shake the people I’m watching and ask them to have a personality.

    Therefore, I say, thank you for having a personality! On that note, I’m now going back to watch your video 🙂

  9. Pak Latest Dramas sagt:

    Thank you very much for this video

  10. MontanaUS sagt:

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  11. Joseph Ellison sagt:

    wow. what a small SEO world with lots of opportunity. I seen this dude on OMG

  12. Never Seijuro sagt:

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  13. Kendy Louwaars sagt:

    I stopped the video after 1 minute to give this guy a thumbs up.

  14. Shane Welcher sagt:

    Great stuff Greg, thanks for the informative video.
    I look forward to working with you I the future.

  15. McGurty TV sagt:

    Should the PBN hosting account be entire separate from the money site hosting account? or can i just make them both under the same hosting account?

  16. David J Moore MBA (YPN CEO) sagt:

    your link to auto ranker is disabled bud

    We’re Sorry!

    This application is not currently available. If you are the owner of then please call Infusionsoft at 866-800-0004 to discuss the status of this application.

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