Building High Quality Backlinks with Scrapebox – More then just blog links

Building High Quality Backlinks with Scrapebox – More then just blog links

Juli 21, 2017 4.291 views Backlinks -
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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

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Many people mistakenly stereotype scrapebox as a blog commenter. So if they aren't looking for blog links then they dismiss scrapebox. Scrapebox wasn't designed as a blog commenter, it just so happens to be one of its functions.

Scrapebox literally has hundreds of functions that can be applied in thousands of ways. However if you are specifically looking to create high quality, high pr, low obl, good alexa rank, dofollow links, then this is the concept guide to do it.

This video covers many different aspects of scrapebox that can be applied to get filter down large lists to get to urls that are of the very best quality, and that will pass on the juice that your sites need. This is one of the true golden nuggets that scrapebox holds, that most people miss.

There is no other program on the market that I know of that allows you to do the level of filtering that scrapebox does, and thereby acquire these kinds of quality links.

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39 responses for Building High Quality Backlinks with Scrapebox – More then just blog links

  1. jakeski sagt:

    I ran a DoFollow/Nofollow on Addon.  When it says „NoFollow“  does that mean I should not post my comment there?  The addon says All the links are NoFollow?  does that mean I should avoid all those url’s?  Thank you. 

    • Lorna Scheer sagt:

      The only one easy way to get rank on main keywords is to get high quality links from private blog networks.That is what guru makes.All other ways are for kids.One of the top private network is: ElitePrivateLinks . info 
      You can rank on high competitive keywords with it.

  2. Ron Pascal sagt:

    Loved the PR 4 trick

  3. Eric Plotts sagt:

    Loopline you’re a beast man!

  4. Moazzam Tiwana sagt:

    Thank you. Nice to the point video. However, the procedure of working with forums using competitor backlinks was told quickly. Do you explain it in some other video.

  5. Nate Morse sagt:

    Hi Loopline, I am just starting out on ScrapeBox(I actually just downloaded it yesterday). Where it says WordPress up in the top left of your program, is that a footprint or platform? Also, where did you get the wordpress footprint you are using?

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      +Nate Morse I don’t own or work for Scrapebox just for the record. However in the upper left when you click platforms thats a list of platforms that Scrapebox can post to out of the box and if you select them and then scrape Scrapebox will apply a footprint(s) to your keywords to get you urls from those platforms.

      Scrapebox just make the footprints from scratch. Here is a video:

  6. Pinoy Tv Episode sagt:

    is it ok not to use proxy? when scraping?

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      When scraping from search engines or something else? For pretty much anything its fine, so long as you use a large enough delay, but the source your scraping will determine how much of a delay you need.

      If your scraping google, its a big delay, maybe in excess of 180 with the detailed harvester.

      For bing its probably less, for its even worse then google, etc..

      So try and see.

  7. nattsurfaren sagt:

    How would you use scrape box to get traffic that doesn’t involve SEO, page rank and getting indexed?

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      That is the million dollar question and if there as a pushbutton solution then I wouldn’t share the secret, I would be setting on a beach on a private Island with an assistant running it for me. 🙂

      But it depends on the product. If your working with something viable, you could use the contact form submitter, and get people that way, or you could try and comment on blogs and such and hope for the best. If you use the contact form well you could do well, I know people have made a good deal of cash with it.

      But just commeting places probably wont‘ get you much traffic.

    • nattsurfaren sagt:

      Contact form submitter sounds interesting. I have been struggling to find a free e-mail host to send out work offerings etc. Most of them are pretty nasty when it comes to automate them. I know (hotmail) have protetion against sending out same text messages. I have not tested to spintax it yet but I read that it was recommended somewhere.

  8. Kumkum Bagya sagt:

    is it ok to use your proxies in the video? i want to use it since im struggling in looking for public/free proxies. the bottom left part of your video is your proxies right?

  9. OurStyleOfLife Solutions sagt:

    I’m working on Scrapebox v2.0.0.79 and i dont see the option CHECK PAGE RANK => GET DOMAIN PAGE RANK, how do i do that in the updated version?

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      Good, because if you saw it there there would be a problem. Google shut down page rank values months ago. no app in the world can get page rank values from google any more, because they don’t return them. So while they may use it still internally, they no longer share with the world what page rank a page has. The last update was in 2013 anyway so even if it was still around it would be so stale it would be almost bad to use it.

      Most people use the page authority addon to get moz data or they get majestic values outside of Scrapebox.

  10. jup973 sagt:

    The training videos you have are so dull and drawn out. Plus, I don’t care to hear about you hiring out at fiverr for people to do your work. You talk as if you’re talking to mostly an audience who are already skillful at SEO. What about folks who are non-techies? I have spent the monies to buy scrapebox and find it to be bit complex. It is a very good piece of software as it seems to accomplish some SEO tactics but it seems to be more crafted for highly skilled techies. For the money one pays, there should be a PDF manual. Is there one?

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      Scrapebox is as inexpesive as dirt. If you paid $500 or $1000 I could see a little bit more. I don’t work for scrapebox but if you think $97 is expensive then I can’t help you. I charge $100 a hour for custom consulting and can’t take more customers because people wont‘ leave me alone. lol

      There is no PDF manual, it changes too fast and I have over 100 hours of video, I don’t think a pdf manual would be better, it would need to be hundred of pages.

      Anyway, your totally entitled to feel like you do, but the videos are the best resource I have to offer, and I think there is more here then any other SEO software out there. So you can manually learn SEO and then come back to the software later, its what I did before I had Scrapebox. Scrapebox just automates, you NEED to know how to do things manually and how that works before you start automating anyway, or your just scaling inefficiency.

    • jup973 sagt:

      I appreciate your reply but there aren’t a whole lot of marketers out here who are going to put out over $500 for a software – just not happening especially in this economy. I’m grateful for Scrapebox and God Bless the developer(s).

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      🙂 There are actually a lot marketers who would put out that, I paid $600 for Xrumer and that was over half a decade ago. Paigham bot is $100 per month, a lifetime license is $1200 Its all about perspective. Id spend $5000 in a heartbeat if I knew I could leverage something to make $25000. I just spend $2000 on a training program and nearly another $2000 on training from Tony Robbins. Its about leverage.

      That said, thats how I think. Im not making it wrong for you to think the way you do or believe the way you do. I respect your feedback, but unfortunately I can’t solve your problem either. I have a style for my videos and thats really the only way I know how. Im long winded and techie.

      Jacob King has some stuff though, perhaps he would be of a help. I think its or maybe you could google it. Also matthew woodward I think had some stuff too.

    • Jasper Verelst sagt:

      This VIDEO is indeed great for people who are already skilled at SEO. For a beginner it might be a bit difficult, but then again I think scrapebox is a tool for skilled SEO’s, to make their life a lot easier.

      I guess it’s better to first get familiar with SEO (it’s not something you learn overnight though) and only when you really understand the psychology behind it, and the terminology, to get Scrapebox so you can start doing a whole lot more in a whole lot lesser time, and get even better results.

      I agree that the price for the software is really worth it, and that each serious, skilled SEO like me, will be happy to pay the fee.

      It’s only a bummer that I have only heard of Scrapebox just now, it would have spared me a lot of time if I had heard of it sooner, and I would have had a lot more clients by now.

      But this tutorial series are very good, so I know the clients will come in soon after I’ve gotten familiar with the toolset.

      Thanks for the tutorial!

      Jasper –

  11. Vishanu Pandey sagt:

    When i scrape most of the urls are showing error on alexa rank checker. I am not sure why? is problem with tool or something related to proxy? sorry i am very new and really keen to learn for SEO purposes. Also i have tried to scrape around 300 urls but it shows only 73 ursl after scraping. ;?

  12. Raja Farhan sagt:

    i like this video very detailed and usel full just want to double check this is not free tool as when i try to download it took me to paypal and asking for $97.00 is that one off fees or there is any other hidden charges please let me know regards

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      This is not a free tool. ITs $97 for a lifetime license. You can read more on

      Depending on what you want to do, you may want to purchase proxies. You will need a pc to run it on, if you have a windows pc that is sufficient, or you can purchase a VPS if you want.

      Also there are 6 premium plugins that are a 1 time additional cost, also a lifetime license, IF you want them, but they are of course optional. The 30+ addons are all free.

    • Raja Farhan sagt:

      Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline thanks alot I started watching your videos from beginning six years ago so I make sure I understand Scrapebox, I want to use it to start helping my websites with getting some Backlinks
      I really appreciate your help and videos are in great details

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      your welcome. Glad that you like the videos and I wish you luck!

  13. Bill Barnes sagt:

    Does this process still work well and quickly? If not what is your SEO toolbox? I need to amp up my seo game for my clients. Need to find out which tools to buy.

    • Scrapebox Guides Tuts Loopline sagt:

      Scrapebox is indispensable, and this method still works, but I wouldn’t exactly call it quick. I mean I used to do this sort of stuff by hand completely and so scrapebox dramatically speeds up that process, but its not fully automated. Also you may find the expired domain finder in Scrapebox valuable.

  14. Dave MacKay sagt:

    I quite like this series, a lot of time has been invested… I just purchased the software and, of course, still stumbling around. lol I expect to accomplish some good things with it as time passes. Thanks for these videos.

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