Backlinks Beast Video Tutorial

Backlinks Beast Video Tutorial

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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

Backlinks Beast Video Tutorial and Demonstration. See how to use Backlinks Beast to build unlimited backlinks from various page rank web sites.

This video is going to serve as a step-by-step instructions on how to use Backlinks Beast. Using Backlinks Beast can be or seem a little bit confusing first but follow this video and it will be very easy very.


#1] First thing you must do to use Backlinks Beast is create new campaign.

#2] Next thing is create a new account profile and rename it something meaningful probably, the same as the campaign name.

#3] Then new account creation.

#4] Then new URL list. The URL list is nothing but a url placeholder for Backlinks Beast. When Backlinks Beast goes out and post back links on the Internet, whether it be by bookmarking site or article site, the url list gives it a place to put the web address of the created backlinks which you can save.

#5] Last step of setting up Backlinks Beast is creat new submission type. Backlinks Beast has hundreds and hundreds of sites built in organizing the data of different categories: social network sites, bookmarking sites, web 2.0 article sites, pdf submission sites, wiki sites, and for this example will do social bookmark sites.

#6] You then want to do you want to go back to the account creation that you created in step #3, double-click on it and at this point what happens is the software will go out and actually create the accounts for you automatically. You can specify an email address you already have but the easiest way to use Backlinks Beast to create new accounts is use the built in disposable email address feature.

#7] Go back to create account tab, select social bookmarking checkbox. There are 492 social bookmarking sites built into backlinks beast. Select as many as you want. For this example we'll just select all.

#8] You then click the start button. Backlinks Beast will then go out there on the Internet and automatically create all of these social bookmarking accounts for you in a matter of just minutes. The entire time Backlinks Beast will need to create all of these social bookmarking site accounts is roughly about 5 to 10 min.

A little forewarning is due to the nature of the Internet and that fact that websites, such as bookmarking sites, are making changes, constantly, many of the accounts, when attempted to be created by Backlinks Beast, will fail. Don't let this be something that concerns you however because most of the account creations will succeed and with 492 social bookmarking sites built into Backlinks Beast if even only half of social bookmarking accounts are successfully created that is still roughly 250 social bookmarking accounts created for you in a matter of minutes! The good news is that as a member of Backlinks Beast, when you join, they are constantly updating the software to solve this problem. In the video Backlinks Beast successfully created 312 social bookmarking accounts.

#9] The final step is for Backlinks Beast to verify emails sent by the social bookmarking sites. In other words Backlinks Beast will open each verification email sent by each of the social bookmarking sites and click the verification link for you so your account becomes validated and active. The final step is a little faster and takes Backlinks Beast about 3 minutes to complete.

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11 responses for Backlinks Beast Video Tutorial

  1. dame colquhoun sagt:

    I was wondering, if I create just one article without spinning it will that be fine to use? if I have to use spinned articles how do I create a spinned article?
    also if I were to use ezinearticles would I be able to use backlink beast still?

  2. Yazin Azad sagt:

    lol why the fck are u eating in between talking…couldnt u wait till finishing the video

  3. NonGamerGaming™ sagt:

    The reason you get so many failures is BECAUSE you’re using the Disposable Email option. A solid 30% – 40% of the sites dont allow registration with a disposable email.

    90% of the sites haven’t changed except for minor layout changes.

    Source: Former Backlinks Beast Development Team Member

  4. Anton Green sagt:

    Wtf was that at the beginnng dude ?

  5. Wilhelm Tell sagt:

    thx, but toooo complicated and the accounts are all PR 0…….safe the money for this programm!

  6. Rami Store sagt:

    thank you so much for explaining backlink beast

  7. Six Minutes to Skinny sagt:

    incredible software i use it

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