Areia Remix #115 | F(x) – NU ABO

Areia Remix #115 | F(x) – NU ABO

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Portfolio Remix by Areia Creations Production Team

에프엑스 - 뉴예삐오
Original Copyright©2010 SM Entertainment Korea

Remix Production (Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering) by Jun Areia Tryfonas @ areiacreations Studios, Seoul, Korea

Release Date: 2013.05.30
Genre: House / Kpop
Tempo: 128 bpm
Key: Cm/Ebm

After 3 years the wait is finally over! The original project was lost when we moved to Korea but due to how popular the teaser became and the constant fan requests for release we have reconstructed the closest possible version to the teaser. Enjoy and
check back soon for the full story behind this remix!

What can one say about this remix project? Intended to be remix #34, when I started it three years ago I was a final year Games Programming student in UK remixing kpop songs for fun. Or perhaps my motivation was a strange fetish of remaking the whole song in order to trick my mind I was the one that made the music which those wonderful idols sing and dance to in such spectacular music videos. If somebody was going back in time to tell me that three years later "areiacreations" would be an entertainment business based in Korea and that the first KPOP music video which is originally filmed on our music is just about to be released I'd probably... believe it. And that's probably why I'm in this timeline and not the other one that I didn't follow my dreams.
It is this remix that reminds me that when it comes to success it's more hard work and struggling that makes the permanent difference rather than lack or random one-time factors. The fact that my fans back then picked this teaser and made it into a legend for the next three years is my automatic answer when I'm wondering if it really worths all these sacrifices that I still have to make in order to keep going. For me this specific remix was a commitment I made with my fans long ago and this the reason I also mentioned it in our funding campaign last year. But what exactly happened? Why is this remix a legend?

Due to limited space in Youtube video description read the rest of the story here ...

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