4 things to automate with Ahrefs: rank tracking, new & lost backlinks, brand mentions

4 things to automate with Ahrefs: rank tracking, new & lost backlinks, brand mentions

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Marketers are always looking for ways to automate tasks to make their life easier. Discover 4 things that you should automate right now to get the most from Ahrefs!

Number 1: Ahrefs Rank Tracker

Generally you want to rank for the top-level keywords related to your business: those terms that let people know who you are and what you sell. And since these are general keywords people tend to search for, you need to closely monitor your ranking progress for them.

Here is how you can track them in Ahrefs:

1) add your website to the Dashboard ( );

2) specify the top keywords you want to monitor with locations where your top audience will be searching from;

3) from Dashboard you can easily change the frequency of your email alerts, access Rank Tracker report to see where you rank for the keywords added or add new ones; you can even track your historical position for each keyword to see how you've ranked for this keyword over time.

Your automated Tracked Keywords email report will show you the movement of the keywords you've specified. You'll see both: the keywords that have improved their positions and the keywords that have declined in their ranking, so you can track your top keywords without having to spend much time doing that manually.

Number 2: New Keywords Alert

The Rank Tracker alert will only track keywords that you specifically add to the tool, but your website is ranking in Google for hundreds or thousands of keywords. In the New Keywords alert ( ) Ahrefs will show you what those keywords are.

We monitor the position of your site across millions of keywords and send you a weekly email alert with all the improvements we've noticed since the previous week.

Website owners often focus on the ranking of a few highly competitive keywords that are insanely hard to move. This alert shows you the longer-tail keywords your site ranks for that could bring a lot of new search traffic to your site.

One more thing: after you've set up the New Keywords alert for your site, set one up for your competitors, so you know the keywords they are ranking for that you could target, as well.

Number 3: New or Lost Backlinks

Another thing that is automatically activated after you add your site to Dashboard is the tracking of New/Lost Backlinks for your website ( ).

Ahrefs is the best backlink tool in the industry: every 24 hours our robots crawl over 5 billion web pages. We update our backlink index every 15 minutes. This means no other backlink tracking alert will come close to the quality of the data that you will get with Ahrefs.

The cool thing is, you can create an alert for your competitors' websites or even specific URLs, as well as your own.

Number 4: Monitoring "Web Mentions"

Ahrefs "Mentions" alerts ( ) are great for tracking who talks about your brand or your niche onine. And, of course, you want to track mentions of your competitors, too.

All you need to do is to create an alert, and every time Ahrefs crawlers discover a new page containing the keywords that you are tracking, we'll get you notified about new mentions.

With just these 4 alerts you have tons of timely insight to take your marketing to the next level. So make sure you've taken action and configured all 4 types of alerts for your brand!

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