07 How to Analyze Competitor’s Backlinks

07 How to Analyze Competitor’s Backlinks

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„Das Geheimnis, wie Sie zum Erfolg kommen“die Backlinks der Konkurrenz ausspionieren

07 How to analyze competitor's backlinks for free outlines strategies for competitor backlink analysis. Created by SEO consultant expert this video lesson shows you methods for seeing where your competitors are getting backlinks for their website.

You can use Google search to find the online footprint of your competitors, for example, you can conduct advanced search queries such as the "link:" operator to see what Google will show for backlink data for your competition's website. Having said that please keep in mind that Google does not reveal all the backlink data it has on any given URL.

That is why there are many backlink analysis websites and platforms and almost all of them claim to have the most detailed data sets concerning the hyperlinks pointing back to a particular website. I can confidently tell you that the freely available backlink data gathering on your competitors can be done through:

If you have benefited from this particular video session on analysing competitor's backlinks for free then we encourage you to share it using this uniform resource identifier:

When it comes to backlink data analysis, these freely available website's usually give you more in-depth and actionable insights than other paid backlink data research providers on internet. Keep in mind also that, you can construct Google advanced search query syntax to find almost all of the information you will ever need on your competitors. To learn about many different ways of search Google visit:

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28 responses for 07 How to Analyze Competitor’s Backlinks

  1. David Gathercole sagt:

    very interesting video. I have a question, you reside in Australia, do you use „&gl=us“ at the the of a search term when typed into Google’s search box? I am asking this question as i live in Thailand, hence, research results are based upon Google’s information regarding Thailand. Thx for any feed back.

    • RankYa sagt:

      I actually have google.com.au bookmarked, and I also have google.com bookmarked, I mainly use the search box now days and I do not use the address bar search options as I once did. So you can utilize Google Search for whichever country you are wanting to see the results for. For example: if I want to take a look at the results in UK then I use google.co.uk because then Google will treat your search as if you are in UK etc. Let me also share another trick which you may find it interesting. Let us say you are searching where you are like so: https://www.google.co.th/#q=seo+marketing <><><> but if you construct your search like so: https://www.google.co.th/#cr=countryAU&q=seo+marketing <><><> then basically you are restricting the search being country specific by using „&cr=countryAU“ is for Australia, or „&cr=countryUS“ etc. And you can also use „&lr=lang_fr“ for language restrict etc. But word of warning; most of these advanced search queries are time consuming to remember and you will hardly use them anyhow, because the main search box has the extra search tools and is easier to use. I hope this sheds a light on your question;

    • David Gathercole sagt:

      +rankyaseoservices Big thx for your reply and very helpful indeed. I will particularly find „&lr=lang_fr“ useful as it will enable me to find results in Thai language. So, https://www.google.co.th/#cr=countryAU&q=seo+marketing…. in search or address bar?

  2. DoomInSor sagt:

    hi there ranyaseoservices!
    I am searching for a website and it doesnt have any backlinks.Is this good or bad?
    I didnt get if having back links is good…

    • RankYa sagt:

      Hi there, backlinks are always good, or else how can a succesful online business grow? For instance: why would you not get a backlink from Facebook? To market online means to market in all channels, including YouTube, thank you for subscribing, new videos are coming soon

  3. Vine Inside sagt:

    I love how you explains,I have a question i run a vine related channel i found that there are some channels ,they have less subscribers , new to youtube but their videos get the first position in youtube search How do they do it ?

  4. T.L B sagt:

    Very useful. Thankyou for taking the time to do this.

  5. lalit lohani sagt:

    Excellent explanation and highly useful stuff…..Thanks a lot.
    I will be very thankful if you post something on topic „How to get quality backlinks from high PR websites“

  6. Ronny Howell sagt:

    Wow, very eyeopening video!
    Thank you very much, you just saved me some money friend 🙂

  7. Pratik Wakode sagt:

    Very very Usefull videos regarding SEO , Thank you very Much !

  8. Pratik Wakode sagt:

    Can you post about Magento CMS Seo ………

  9. Hasan Kara sagt:

    Very useful info, thank you for creating this SEO Tutorial Series. You are also a great mentor! Please don’t stop educating the world. We cant thank you enough.

    • RankYa sagt:

      +Hasan Kara thank you Hasan, I am trying to get a forum going should be online about this weekend, I would love your participation. I checked out couple of different forum options, but I think it is better that I dive deep in BuddyPress and BBpress (if there is an option for moderators, then I would like you to be a moderator) so please double check about this weekend, till then, take care

    • Hasan Kara sagt:

      That would be excellent! Yes, I would like to participate it. Let me know when its on. If there is anything I can help, pls drop me a line. Take care +Tolga Savas. Speak soon.

  10. Raghu Rao sagt:

    Hi Tolga,

    Great video Thanks. I have a question. what ever competitor having backlinks can i get same backlink to my website? what method to follow ??

    Can i follow below mentioned methods to get same backlinks?? is their any other techniques?? Please let me know.

    1. Social Bookmarking
    2. Directory Submission
    3. Article Submission
    4. Blog Commenting
    5.Guest Posting
    6. Press Releaes

    • RankYa sagt:

      +Raghu Rao the techniques doesn’t really matter concerning backlinks, its the mentality that counts. For example: I could guest post and write a great original article about a subject matter and guest post that on another website. Basically its the intent that counts, and as far as the list you pasted here, wherever you got that list from, and whatever information you read on that website (you just need to remember this „that is NOT SEO information they sold to you“ so ignore it altogether and instead always ask „what can I create that will be of use“ and where (who) can also share that content that I create, and stay away from spam

  11. Shihab SEO Agency sagt:

    Sir, I have faced a big problem I can’t build any backlink for my client site which google webmasters will be showed. I have built some backlinks and passing 2 weeks but not show google. Please help me.

  12. Speak English Today sagt:

    Thank you for very useful information. Do you do backlink work to help websites get backlinks? Thanks!

  13. Slainiae sagt:

    I used backlinkwatch.com to do an analysis of my website’s backlinks and discovered there are A LOT of porn sites backlinking to my website. How can I disavow/remove these sites from my website?
    Thank you.

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